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Faith arrived from Tucson, Arizona and has been with Aqua for ten years. Faith has appeared in the shows as many various personas…from Reba McEntire and Celine Dion to Marilyn Manson, Barbra Streisand and Lady GaGa.  Faith is also known for her biting comedic numbers as well as her extensive array of breathtaking costumes.

Born in Phoenix AZ and grew up in Tucson AZ . I moved to Key West, FL in 2003 and started working with Aqua Night Club. Since then I’ve hosted 3 cable TV shows, been on the Travel Channel twice ( Spring Break Fever FL and Magic Man) been in two books (Out Traveler South Florida and 100 of the Most influential Gay Entertainers Vol.2) and become a recording artist. My first song “Fetish” won Music Video of the Year in Germany. “Work that Body” hit the iTunes Top 40. “Heels” off of the POP Album  is in the documentary movie “South Beach On Heels.”

faith cleaned up close up faith cleaned up panties

One of my favorite memories at Aqua Night Club was during a Spring Break. By the time the show started we had about 17 bikers 2 different groups of spring break girls and guys and then the rest of our audience. Full house, standing room only.  Noticing all of this on the mic I called out my bikers. They all cheer. I call out my spring break groups. they all cheer. Then I noticed 4 older women sitting in the middle booth. I asked, ” How do you ladies fall into the bikers and spring break people?” They said, ” We’re Nuns!” I said,” Only in Key West can you get the bikers, spring breakers and nuns all under one roof to watch a drag show!” Awesome!!!