NIGHTLY 9pm. THURS 7 & 9pm. FRI & SAT 9 & 11pm

‘Reality is a Drag’ Show

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9:00 pm

Every day from

December 13, 2012

See the famous Aquanettes every day of the week!

Our shows are fun, raucous and a quintessential part of Key West life. Expect a close up experience if you are seated in the dance floor area, or take a back seat and admire from afar. Our professional cast make it fun and we hope you enjoy the show as they perform to famous tunes!

Our performers, the Aquanettes, spend part of the act amongst the audience and will happily accept tips. Please remember we’re all about having fun but we expect you to remain seated during the show. Tickets to the show are $15. You can reserve a booth for an extra $25 per party. You can book online¬†for shows more than 24 hours away, or call us for tonight’s show on 305.294.0555

Who is in the Show? 2014

ThursdayJuly 319pmIngaFaithMaya
FridayAugust 19pmIngaVictoriaJessica
FridayAugust 111pmIngaJessicaElle
SaturdayAugust 29pmIngaFaithMaya
SaturdayAugust 211pmIngaJessicaFaith
SundayAugust 39pmIngaVictoriaElle
MondayAugust 49pmIngaJessicaElle
TuesdayAugust 59pmIngaJessicaMaya
WednesdayAugust 69pmVictoriaJessicaMaya
ThursdayAugust 77pmIngaVictoriaElle
ThursdayAugust 79pmIngaVictoriaElle
FridayAugust 89pmIngaVictoriaJessica
FridayAugust 811pmIngaJessicaMaya
SaturdayAugust 99pmIngaVictoriaMaya
SaturdayAugust 911pmIngaVictoriaElle
SundayAugust 109pmVictoriaMayaElle
MondayAugust 119pmIngaJessicaElle
TuesdayAugust 129pmIngaVictoriaMaya
WednesdayAugust 139pmVictoriaFaithJessica
ThursdayAugust 147pmIngaFaithMaya
ThursdayAugust 149pmIngaFaithMaya
FridayAugust 159pmIngaVictoriaElle
FridayAugust 1511pmVictoriaElleJessica
SaturdayAugust 169pmIngaFaithMaya
SaturdayAugust 1611pmIngaFaithElle
SundayAugust 179pmVictoriaJessicaElle
MondayAugust 189pmVictoriaJessicaElle
TuesdayAugust 199pmIngaFaithMaya
WednesdayAugust 209pmVictoriaFaithJessica
ThursdayAugust 217pmIngaVictoriaElle
ThursdayAugust 219pmIngaVictoriaElle
FridayAugust 229pmIngaFaithJessica
FridayAugust 2211pmIngaFaithElle
SaturdayAugust 239pmIngaVictoriaMaya
SaturdayAugust 2311pmIngaMayaJessica
SundayAugust 249pmIngaFaithMaya
MondayAugust 259pmFaithMayaJessica
TuesdayAugust 269pmIngaFaithJessica
WednesdayAugust 279pmVictoriaFaithMaya
ThursdayAugust 287pmIngaJessicaMaya
ThursdayAugust 289pmIngaJessicaMaya
FridayAugust 299pmIngaVictoriaMaya
FridayAugust 2911pmIngaVictoriaElle
SaturdayAugust 309pmIngaFaithElle
SaturdayAugust 3011pmIngaVictoriaJessica
Sunday August 319pmIngaVictoriaElle